INSOMNIA Honorary Mention «Night Life» in Life Framer Photography Award

I am pleased to announce that I´m among the photographers winners and selected by French contemporary art photographer Christophe Jacrot on the theme «Night Life» in Life Framer Photography Award. INSOMNIA :: Honorary Mention by Oskar Alvarado “It’s always good to see conceptual responses to a topic and this image, from a series exploring insomnia, is a great example. Capturing both the weightlessness of a dream state and the tedium and claustrophobia of sleeplessness (with the lump in the sheets perhaps being the body of a peacefully sleeping lover) there’s something beguiling about this scene – something ethereal and in …


Entrevistamos al fotógrafo vitoriano Oskar Alvarado para conocer de primera mano qué ha supuesto para él ganar el premio de los Visionados 2020 con su proyecto Where Fireflies Unfold y adentrarnos en su particular escenificación de la extrañeza, en la frontera invisible que separa realidad y ficción.